5 Ways How Heat Helps Relieve Period Pain

5 Ways How Heat Helps Relieve Period Pain

1. Heat Can Help Relax The Muscles Contributing To Cramping

When you’re applying heat to the lower tummy or lower back, muscle and uterine contractions are relaxed, which in turn leads to you experiencing less pain.

By applying heat to the area where you feel pain, you simultaneously activate temperature-sensitive nerve endings that prevent pain signals from getting through, in the same way as if you'd cut a phone cord for someone who’s about to make an angry phone call. They’re free to be angry all they want, but nobody will be around to hear them.

2. Heat Helps Increase Blood Circulation In The Pelvic Region Which Reduces Swelling

This happens because when you apply heat to any area of your body, it widens your blood vessels and allows oxygen, nutrients and immune cells to flow much easier to that area. In turn it also helps heal the inflamed area quicker, which naturally makes any swelling disappear.

3. Heat Gives More Long-lasting Relief By Naturally Relaxing Nerve Compression

As we found out above, heat helps to increase blood flow which leads to relaxed muscles. If you happen to have pinched nerves that are causing you back pain, heat can help soothe that pain by relaxing the muscles surrounding them.

Try using a heating pad on the affected area for 20-30 minutes at a time, several times a day. You can also take a warm bath with some Epsom salt to help relax your muscles even more. Bonus, you’ll smell great afterwards!

4. Heat Is A Tried And Trued Pain Relief Method That Actually Works (Just Ask Your Grandma)

It’s not a coincidence that everyone, including their grandma, tells you to take a hot bath or a heated towel when your muscles ache and feel tense.

You’ve probably heard the same thing when that time of the month comes around and those period pains start creeping in: “Darling, why don’t you put on a heated water bottle?”

Most likely, your grandma has used the same remedy in her younger years and unless she’s flat out lying to you, it must’ve done her some good. In fact, HER grandma probably did the same thing herself!

5. Close To Zero Side-effects Compared With Other Pain Relief Methods Out There

Like with anything in life, heat is not the perfect “absolute no side-effects” solution.

You can incur burns if you’re not careful and that in turn can lead to a lot of nasty things, like your skin peeling off and hurting for a long time afterwards. But as long as you don’t overheat yourself (pun intended), heat will most often be a safer pain relief alternative than, let’s say, pain killers. 

The most commonly used painkillers like APAPs or Paracetamol, if overused, will end up causing you irreversible liver scarring, liver dysfunction, and eventually even liver failure.

Plus, it's also common to get chronic constipation, which leads to other serious health conditions, including permanent damage to the gut and intestines. 


And that’s it! Hopefully by reading all the way down here, you have gained at least some useful information about how heat naturally can help relieve period pain and cramps.

If you’re interested in an even better way of heat therapy during that time of the month, without having to heat a single water bottle or wheat bag EVER again, we strongly recommend that you continue reading about this portable heating pad called the Oreleva.
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