How Does A Portable Heating Pad Work? 
Heat works by relaxing the outer muscles of the uterus and increasing blood flow. Vibration will help reduce uterine muscle spasms and soothe the muscles even more.

The Oreleva portable heating pad gives you the benefits of these 2 natural therapies in 1 device.

There's numerous scientific studies where heat and massage therapy have been shown to be more effective than pain medication.

Will The Oreleva Heating Pad For Period Cramps Fit Me? 
The Oreleva comes with a waistband that can be adjustable to fit everyone, ain't that neat? 😍

Does The Oreleva Come With A Battery? 
The Oreleva comes with a battery and is fully rechargable. It also comes with a USB-C cable for you to charge it.

Where Can I Use The Portable Heating Pad? 
The Oreleva can be used anywhere on your body, but we advise you to use it on your abdomen area and your back. 

Does The Oreleva Help With Period Bloating? 
Yes, heat relaxes your stomach muscles and vibration will help improve lymphatic drainage. The Oreleva combines these to help you look and feel less bloated.

Is This Portable Heated Pad Safe To Use? 
Yes, the Oreleva is safe to use as long as you follow the instructions of use and do not use it on areas with open wounds or broken skin. If you have any medical conditions please do consult your doctor for further advice.

What If I'm Not Happy With My Oreleva? 
If you're not satisfied with the Oreleva, you are free to request a return of your purchase within 30-days of ordering. Just reach out to us and we'll take care of it.

Are Period Cramps Normal? 
Yes, period cramps are extremely normal and happens to more than half of women who menstruate. However, there is no true "normal" level of cramping as the pain can be experienced differently by everyone.

What Helps With Period Cramps? 
There's several things that could help, but one of the most popular treatments is applying heat to your stomach or lower back. A portable heating pad makes it easier than ever to apply heat wherever needed.

Other popular ways to get period pain relief naturally could be to exercise regularly, reduce stress levels through meditation or yoga and eating the right kind of foods (ex. pineapple, garlic, peaches as well as other foods like lean protein, whole grains, nuts, seeds and dried fruit)

What Is Dysmenorrhea? 
Dysmenorrhea means pains associated with menstruation. 

What Causes Menstrual Cramps? 
Menstrual cramps occur when a chemical that’s called prostaglandin makes the uterus tighten up and contract. It's these contractions of the uterus that's causing the period cramps and pain.

How To Stop Period Pain Immediately? 
Apply heat as soon as you can, you can use a portable heating pad if you are in a hurry, as those get hot within seconds.

Try to exercise regularly, as it helps release endorphins that relieve pain and take steps in your daily life to reduce stress levels by incorporating things like yoga, meditation, breathing exercises or counseling if you need to.

Why Am I Getting Cramps But No Period? 
If you've missed your period but still have cramps and white discharge coming from your vagina, it could be a sign that you are pregnant. Cramping without a period could also be a sign of endometriosis, irregular periods or uterine fibroids.

Are Period Cramps Contractions? 
Yes, period cramps are the contractions of the uterus, which happens every month during menstruation when the uterine lining is being shed. The contractions are caused by a chemical that's called prostaglandin. During menstruation, prostaglandin levels are higher than normal, which means the uterus contracts more strongly.