How does the Oreleva help with period pain?

Oreleva is a portable heating pad that uses heat and vibration to soothe period pain.

🤓 Science shows that when you apply heat to the lower abdomen or lower back, uterine contractions are relaxed, which in turn means less pain. It also shows that massages may reduce cramps by further relaxing the uterus and the area around it.

👏 This is great news, because you no longer have to rely on pain medication that not only costs a lot (cause you have to buy more of it) but also wrecks your body over time. You can instead rely on a little thingy like the Oreleva to get the relief you need, in a safe and comfortable way.

Plus, by using the Oreleva you can take it with you anywhere because it’s rechargeable and really easy to hide under any pair of clothes. No more having to stay in bed or in the sofa during that time of the month, unless you want to of course 🥰

If you want to check out more about Oreleva, click here

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