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Oreleva's Cozy Care Kit (with free gift)

Oreleva's Cozy Care Kit (with free gift)

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The Cuddly Hug Wearable Blanket by Oreleva (Color)
Cold-As-Ice Headache Hat by Oreleva (Color)
  • A Loving & Caring Bundle
  • Perfect combo with the Oreleva
  • Limited & Exclusive Deal

If you've ever cuddled up underneath a warm blanket and thought "Ah jeez, I wish I could just wear this thing ALL day long!", your wishes have now been granted! 

With The Cuddly Hug from Oreleva, you'll get to bring that warm and fuzzy feeling along with you, anywhere you go!

It's the perfect thing to wear when on your period, because it's just like getting a constant warm hug that helps put your mind and body at ease.

When you put the Cuddly Hug together with our Cold-As-Ice Headache Hat, going through that time of the month has never felt easier or more relaxing.

In this exclusive bundle, you'll get the Cold-As-Ice hat for free!

It works both cold and warm and offers you natural pain relief, which means you’ll avoid having to take strong painkillers for those nasty tension headaches or migraines that often come with period cramps.

Just chuck it in the freezer in a ziplock bag for 1-2 hours if you want it cold or heat it at low heat in the microwave for 10-30s if you want it warm.


Oreleva's Cozy Care Kit

  • Contents: The Cuddly Hug Wearable Blanket, Cold-As-Ice Headache Hat (comes free with order)
  • Color (The Cuddly Hug Wearable Blanket): Gray, Black or Pink
  • Color (Cold-As-Ice Headache Hat): Pink or Black
  • Material (Cold-As-Ice Headache Hat): Non-toxic gel
  • Material (The Cuddly Hug Wearable Blanket): Cotton and polyester
  • Size (The Cuddly Hug Wearable Blanket): One Size
  • Size (Cold-As-Ice Headache Hat): 8.6 x 6.7 in. (L x W)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews

Our puppy likes to snuggle up and fall asleep in this fluffy cloud of softness.. while I’m wearing it.

Holly K.

This is an amazing hoodie(?). Not sure what to call it but it is amazing. So soft, so warm. If there's any room for improvement, I would say a bigger hood and lined pocket.


This is the most comfortable warm perfect to cover over your clothes when it the weather drops down into the freezing temperatures. Excellent quality I can’t say anything better because it’s so good everyone wants it my son and his girlfriend and all of my family wanted one and even another girlfriend ordered one when she saw mine, it’s super comfortable. Excellent quality fits great you can put over layers of clothes and there’s plenty of room. It’s like being wrapped up in a blanket and it has a big pocket for your hand and you can put your phone and other stuff in it so you don’t have to carry a purse It’s absolutely marvelous keeps you toasty warm and has material that you don’t sweat so it’s perfect.

Jennifer S.

Its saving us money.Air con not on first thing in the morning. Jack my husban is ex shearing shed and he wore his With baby reindeers to the pub on Saturday night, he didn't care he and i were Toasty. HugMe’s are worth every cent even without the discount offer. We love them!!! The BEST

Comfy Not Cold

Bought as a gift. I use mine every night! Fantastic product, quality, totally keeps whole body warm. Love it! Second time I have gifted one. She loved it.

Hey Judy! Glad to hear you’re both happy with the HugMe :) /Team Oreleva

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